Door Levers

Door Levers
Customized Lock offers a wide selection of keyed-entry door levers that are durable and attractive. Customized Lock is a proprietor of the noted NuSet brand. The door levers are manufactured from the highest quality materials and designed to meet and exceed expectations. For more than 40 years, the NuSet door levers have provided elegance and reliability for countless people around the world.

When looking for beautiful and functional door levers, customers are not restricted to one choice. Customized Lock's online shopping store provides a variety of different products to suit all budgets and needs. Each of the door levers has been assembled by hand and polished to a superior quality finish before being shipped. Visitors to the Customized Lock website will find it user-friendly. Visitors will quickly be able to locate the door levers they want in their price range, style and finish. If customers need door levers for security, domestic privacy or simply wish to update the hardware on their doors Customized Lock offers the looked for solutions.

The user-friendly Customized Lock site enables visitors to easily find the door levers to suit their budgets and styles. The product-knowledgeable and courteous team at Customized Lock stand ready to respond to all enquiries about the NuSet door levers and will provide additional information on request. Visitors to the site may complete the online contact form or call the toll-free number for assistance. Customized Lock realizes that every customer has different requirements when they are replacing locks and handles in their homes. They confidently offer the NuSet door levers to answer all functional and aesthetic purposes. Customized Lock places no minimum order restriction on the NuSet door levers products.

Customized Lock offers solid brass, antique brass and satin chrome finished NuSet keyed-door levers which are generally used on exterior doors. They are operated with a key from the exterior and by a push button or turn knob from the interior. For interior privacy, Customized Lock suggests that the door levers can be used on bathroom and/or bedroom doors. The push button or turn knob on the interior of a door comes with an emergency release on the outside. The emergency release allows the unlocking of the door. Customized Lock indicates that if the door levers are used on storeroom doors, the outside knob is fixed and entrance is by key only. The inside knob will always remain unlocked providing an emergency exit.

When looking for door levers, customers are advised by Customized Lock that products will be marked keyed alike, keyed different or master-keyed. Customized Lock informs that "keyed alike" means key-coded to the same key number. This provides convenience of eliminating multiple keys where access to several locks is required. Handle sets marked "keyed different" means that a different set of keys is required to unlock each lock. Master-keyed door levers are the perfect solution for permitting supervisory, contractors or emergency access.

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