Customized Lock can provide a wide variety of handlesets that are durable, strong and pleasingly attractive. They are offered in cottage or contemporary styles. Customized Lock is a proprietor of the noted NuSet. The handlesets are manufactured from the highest quality materials and designed to meet and exceed expectations. For more than 40 years, the NuSet handlesets have represented protection and reliability for many people around the world.

Customers are not restricted to one choice when looking for beautiful and functional handlesets. The online shopping store provides the opportunity for customers to select from a variety of different products to suit all budgets and needs. Each of the handlesets has been assembled by hand and polished to a superior quality finish before being shipped. Visitors to the Customized Lock website will find it user-friendly. Customers will quickly be able to find the handlesets in their price range, style and finish. If customers need handlesets to provide domestic privacy or simply wish to update the hardware on their doors, Customized Lock offers the ideal solution.

The user-friendly Customized Lock site enables visitors to quickly find the handlesets in their price range, style and finish. The product-knowledgeable and courteous team at Customized Lock stand ready to respond to all enquiries about the NuSet handlesets. They will provide any extra information on request. Visitors to the site may complete the online contact form or call the toll-free number for assistance. Customized Lock realizes that every customer has different requirements when they are replacing locks and handles on the doors of their homes. They confidently offer the NuSet handlesets to answer all needs. Customized Lock places no minimum order restriction on its handlesets products.

Customized Lock offers lifetime brass, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, satin chrome and antique nickel finished NuSet keyed handlesets. These handlesets can be used on exterior or interior doors. The locks on the handlesets are operated with a key and a thumb-down push while holding the handle. Customized Lock advises customers to view their door from the exterior to determine the location of hinges so that correct handlesets can be ordered. If the door hinges are on the left, a left-handed lever will be required. A right-handed lever should be ordered if the hinges are on the right.

When searching for handlesets online, Customized Lock advises that each product will state whether it is keyed alike, keyed different or master-keyed. Customized Lock informs that "keyed alike" means key-coded to the same key number. This option provides customers with "same-key" convenience and reduces the need for multiple keys where access to several locks is required. handlesets marked "keyed different" means that a different set of keys is required to unlock each lock. If the product is marked "master-keyed", it can open all locks in the system, although each lockset has its own key. Master keys are perfect for permitting supervisory, contractors or emergency access.
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NuSet Gabriel: Dummy Handleset (Oil Rubbed Bronze)

Model: GABRIEL-D-10B


NuSet Gabriel: Schlage Keyed Entry Handleset (Oil Rubbed Bronze)

Model: GABRIEL-E-10B


  • Keyed Alike 
  • Keyed Differently 
  • Master Keyed (+$9.00)

NuSet Milan: Dummy Handleset (Oil Rub Bronze)
NuSet Milan: Dummy Handleset (Oil Rubbed Bronze)

Model: MIL-D-10B

$163.50   $98.10

Round ribbed edges historical design for this dark antique look.

NuSet Milan: Keyed Alike Entry Handleset (Oil Rubbed Bronze)
NuSet Milan: Kwikset Keyed Entry Handleset (Oil Rubbed Bronze)

Model: MIL-E-10B

$166.50   $99.90

Round ribbed edges historical design for this dark antique look.

  • Keyed Alike 
  • Keyed Differently 
  • Master Keyed (+$5.50)